General information

Elujooks (Liferun) camp “Find your running freedom” in Ida-Virumaa
5-14 July, 2019

Man is constantly searching for himself and the meaning of life. There are endless teachings and practices, but everyone of us has their own way. Each runner or running enthusiast can also have their own way. In 2018, the friends of Elujooks are organising the running camp already for the sixth time, inviting to travel inside yourself and find your way through running. Our camp is a chance to broaden your worldview, discover new running experiences, and achieve your goals. By today, our camp has given a life changing experience already to about 100 people, including aspiring youth and mature people, amateurs and athletes, even people not familiar with running, and people of all ages searching for the meaning of their life, but also older people who value health and joy of life.

The 10-day camp offers the chance to grow and develop and to be ready to cover 16 or 33 kilometres (or 59 kilometers) in the EAR. The agenda of the camp includes morning run and shindo, lectures and workshops, excursions and hikes, longer afternoon runs, cultural events, sauna, and entertainment.

In the Elujooks camp, we shall, besides recreational sports, open other kinds of runs. We use running in multiple places as a way to deepen our connection with the nature, to relate better to other people, and search for opportunities of self-observation and self-development. The camp welcomes people with different running experience. To take a first step of your running journey, write a motivation letter, fill in the application, and wait for the answer.

You need to pay the participation fee EUR 250 to our account after receiving the confirmation!