About Elujooks

Elujooks (Liferun) is a door to a wonderful running world. When Kristjan Puusild ran around Estonia in 2009, during these 63 days he realised his limitations as a runner and person. At the same time, doors to several new worlds opened in the form of beautiful places, extraordinary people as well as problems and challenges. The desire to share his lessons learned led to lectures in universities and a radio show in Ööülikool. He developed a need to share what he had experienced and learned and complement the experiences even more together. Thus, the camps were born and today they have become a circle of friends who discover themselves and the world through running. The motto of Elujooks is to find your life via running!

Some facts about Elujooks
2009 NGO Elujooks was founded, Kristjan Puusild was the first Estonian to run around Estonia.
2010 first Elujooks camps about spiritual running in Hiiumaa-Vormsi, Saaremaa-Muhu, 40 participants.
2011 NGO Elujooks had about 15 members, regular trainings
2011 new spiritual running camp on 8-17 July in Hiiumaa and Viljandi County
2011 first unique spiritual running event Estonian Adventure Run (EAR) in Viljandi on 17 July
2012 Elujooks camp on 6-15 July and ning EAR on 15 July in Viljandi County.
2013 the camp and EAR arrive to Pärnu County: 5-14 July